Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套
Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套 Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套 Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套 Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套 Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套
Sea&Sea YS-D2(日本版)水中閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套
型 號: 03121
價格: $14,500
庫存狀況: 尚有庫存
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  • Excellent night-time visibility. The illuminated control panel is ideal for night diving
    Color of illumination changes to indicate mode: aqua blue (in DS-TTL mode), blue (in
    slave TTL mode), orange (in manual pre-flash mode) and Green (in manual mode
    without pre-flash). You can check which mode the strobe is set even under pitch-black

    In slave TTL mode

    In manual pre-flash mode

    In manual non pre-flash mode
  • Maximum guide number is a powerful 32 (ISO 100, meter). Recycle time is
    only 1.5 sec(*1)
    The YS-D2 is powerful enough to illuminate a wide area, even under very bright
    conditions with plenty of natural sunlight. During macro photography, where subtle
    exposure control is required, manual mode can easily be selected and the guide
    number quickly adjusted as low as 1.
    (*1) when nickel hydride AA batteries are used.
  • DS-TTL ll automatic exposure control with improved accuracy and stability
    SEA&SEA’s own automatic exposure control system, DS-TTL ll, has been further
    improved. Tuning light emitting timing in detail and adding light emission detection
    function, the accuracy of automatic TTL exposure has been noticeably improved.
    Previously, TTL photography was difficult with the lens’s aperture
    wide-open (maximum aperture) and images were likely to be overexposed. It is now
    possible to give a low powered flash so the correct exposure can be easily achieved
    with the YS-D2.

    In DS-TTL II mode
  • EV control function can finely tune the amount of light emitted
    By controlling the actual flash light level, the strobe achieves accurate exposure
    compensation with EV compensation. As the exposure compensation range has
    improved to +/- 2.0 EV, users can concentrate on shooting even more creative images.
    (-2,0EV, -1.5EV, -1EV, -0.7EV, -0.3EV, +0.3EV, +0.7EV, +1EV, +1.5EV, +2.0EV).
  • Two diffusers and red filters included with the strobe as standard
    By attaching one of the included diffusers, the beam angle is increased to 100o or
    120o (circular) with a soft and even light. The red target light filter helps avoid disturbing
    skittish creatures that are likely to react to normal light. The red filter is fitted inside
    the diffusers.

    Diffuser100 for YS-D1/D2 Diffuser(standard accessory)
    Diffuser120 for YS-D1/D2 Diffuser(standard accessory)

    Diffuser with red filter attached

    With the Diffuser 100

    With the Diffuser 120
  • The target light can be adjusted in 2 steps
    The strobe is equipped with a target light (approximately 100/300 lumen).
    In use (target light switch in ON position), the light will be automatically turn off
    when the strobe fires and will automatically turn back ON after 0.5 sec.
  • Ergonomically improved controls
    Handling is greatly improved. Larger knobs and a new magnetic rotary switch
    help prevent controls being accidentally reset in use. With the new controls,
    quick operation is possible when photo opportunities suddenly appear.
  • Custom mode is a new innovation which allows the YS-D2 to be compatible
    with cameras with non-standard pre-flash settings
    Some manufactures use their own pre-flash timings on their cameras.
    The new custom function means the YS-D2 can be compatible with cameras
    with non-standard pre-flash in DS-TTLII and manual modes.
  • Attaching the YS-D2
    The strobe can be attached to an arm with the YS-mount or the ball-mount
    (both mounts included as standard accessories).
  • Choosing the right cable
    In accordance with the camera and housing you use, choose either a fiber-optic
    cable (optional) or sync cord (optional) to connect the strobe.
    * A Fiber-optic cable ll is required to use the DS-TTL ll function.
GN值 (公尺/ iso100) 32
24 (擴散片100)
20 (擴散片120)
流 明 300 / 100 流明
使用時間 200 閃 (eneloop 電池)
250 閃 (eneloop pro 電池)
150 閃 (鹼性電池)
回電時間 1.5 秒 (eneloop 電池)
3.0 秒 (鹼性電池)
發光角度 80° x 80°
100° x 100° (擴散片100)
120° x 120° (擴散片120)
紅光(對焦) 有(加裝紅色濾片)
耐壓深度 100m / 330 ft.
輸出段數 DS-TTL II, Slave TTL, Light level control dial (GN): 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 /4 / 5.6 /8 / 11 / 16 / 22 / 32 (11 steps)
水中重量 40g 含電池
色 溫 5,600K
5,250K 擴散片
光訊號 (外閃接頭) Yes, YS Fiber Socket
電子訊號 (外閃接頭) Sea&Sea YS 5-pin
電 池 4顆(3號電池) (鹼性電池, NiMH, NiCad or Li-Ion)
備用 O-Ring Sea&Sea 備用O-Ring Set #10580
工作溫度 0° - 40°C / 32° - 104°F
尺 寸 89 x 133 x 116mm
重 量 623g
材 質 Polycarbonate, ABS resin
保固時間 一年
  1. YS-D2日本版閃燈 + 19L極光多蕊光纖線 + 閃燈保護套
  2. YS ㄇ形座+固定螺絲
  3. 1" 球座
  4. 擴散片100 + 紅色濾片
  5. 擴散片120 + 紅色濾片
  6. 擴散片固定繩x2
  7. 矽油
  8. M4 備用螺絲
  9. 六角扳手
  10. 使用手冊
  11. 一保固年
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