Nauticam 45° 光學防大取景器
Nauticam 45° 光學防大取景器
Nauticam 45° 光學防大取景器
型 號: 32203
價格: $28,990
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The enhanced 45° viewfinder is another new addition to your housing; it is able to provide a bright, clear and undistorted 1:1 image of the camera's finder and is most advantageous for precise focusing and artistic composition.

Long sighted or short sighted. The viewfinder features an external knob for eyesight compensation; hassle-free dioptor adjustment can now be easily performed even when you are underwater, no disassembling of the viewfinder is necessary. The viewfinder also features a 360° rotating viewfinder body to suit different view angle.

The casing is made of anodised aluminium, all lenses and prisms in the viewfinder are precisely ground and multi - layer coated to ensure optimum light transmission and no distortion.

With Nauticam housings, it is simple to switch between the standard 0.66x and our two patented viewfinder and with our specially designed adaptors, it can also be used on Ikelite, Aquatica, Sea&Sea and Nexus housings.

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